The Flow Show NYC Lineup

We’re excited to present the lineup for Flow Show NYC!
(Please note: lineup subject to change)

Ann Humphreys (Hoop)

Aileen Lawlor (Long-string Flowwand)

Ben Drexler (Poi)

Claire De Luxe (Bullwhip)

Corey White (Fans)

David Cantor (Contact Staff)

David Statik & Elizabeth Knights

Ian Michael Smith (Multi-prop)

Justin Warren & Christina Koller (Partner Poi)

Kathryn Carr (Clubs, Ball)

Mike Icon, Jexime Icon, Madeline Belle (Mini Hoops)

Mumu Mariane Charline (Hat Juggling)

Four Ways: Noel Yee, Jen Swan, Ben Drexler (Poi)

Ryan Elwood (Hoop)

Sennyo & Riel (Buugeng, contact juggling)

Tara McManus & Krisstina Hawks (Fans)

Ted Petrosky (Contact Staff)

TZ Rogers (Double Staff)


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